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Are you interested in learning more about advanced communications and collaboration? Want to get the most out of your software? Are you looking to start your journey towards unified communications? We regularly host webinars to provide the answers you need, presented by the top talent in the communication and collaboration industry. We also attend industry events where you can talk to our team of experts face to face and see our software and services in action through live demonstrations.


Join industry experts for a half day conference to help you Optimise your Skype for Business journey. The session is designed to be educational and insightful as well as interactive. Modality Systems, Polycom and PGi will share their knowledge and expertise in the form of best practice advice and practical insights into some of their work and customer experiences.


On-Demand Webinars

Watch our recent universal communications webinars on-demand.

Webinar: Unifying the user experience - complexity simplified

As the positioning of technology becomes more that of facilitator to change, so increases the acceptance that those using the technology are key to recognising the full value to the business.

As part of our ongoing look at the key factors of maximising adoption and tackling cultural change, in this webinar we will focus on the importance of the user experience when it comes to the interaction with the technology. Despite all the talk of Unified Communications over the past 10+ years, the reality for most organisations is that they are still very reliant on a mix of cloud and on premise communications and collaboration services within their daily operations.

So how do you ensure you give your users a more unified experience to keep them with you on the journey change?

In this webinar, special emphasis will be given to our CustomInvite application that can be used to positively affect the user experience through the integration of the various communication modalities such as audio conferencing, video and room systems. Real life examples will be used to demonstrate how some of our clients have approached and benefitted from a unified user experience.


SOCITM Spring Conference

Modality Systems will be exhibiting at the Socitm Spring Conference 27 April 21017.

Socitm Spring 2017 welcomes professionals from across the ICT sector, local public services and private sector partners; creating new partnerships vital to funding transformation.

This year’s Spring Conference will focus on a Simplify, Standardise and Share theme, helping you develop your knowledge and understanding, while enhancing crucial professional skills. Panels will also be held to explore cyber security, as well as how to redesign working processes to provide better citizen outcomes.

The event focuses on building the business case for service redesign, helping you develop your understanding of the policies and working practices that underpin successful transformation.

If you wish to meet a Modality Systems representative at this event to learn more about our complete end-to-end service wrap for your Communications and Collaboration environment, please email


Is your network & environment ready for Skype for Business?

As more organisations look to reap the productivity and cost benefits of migrating from traditional voice PBX platforms to Skype for Business Cloud PBX, one of the most important success factors is the readiness of the network infrastructure (such as LAN, WAN, Firewalls and Wireless) to support real-time media traffic. Indeed, underestimating the requirements can have a severely detrimental effect on the experience for users in the form of poor call quality, dropped calls or even downtime. This is why the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework has such an emphasis on network assessments and network readiness.

This webinar is aimed at those who are considering migrating communications to Skype for Business and those who may have already started or made the transition but are experiencing issues. We will take a practical look at they key aspects to assess within your environment, the impact they have and give an insight into the requirements for a solid and reliable environment to support real-time media, backed by real life examples.


Skype for Business: Uptake, Adoption and Results

Meet the personal trainers of Cloud communications

Learn how we drive company-wide adoption of Skype for Business and increase employee adoption up to 94% with our Cloud Communications Express Solution - a full spectrum digital enterprise service, built on our bespoke apps:

  • TrainMe: complete user instruction and education
  • SurveyMe: user satisfaction surveys to monitor adoption
  • CustomInvite: enhances quality of Skype user experiences

Efficiency & Security - Completing the Skype for Business transformation

As technology accelerates and more options become available, it’s more important than ever for businesses to provide a robust tool-set that will accommodate the user needs now and in the future, eliminating the chance of a corporate security risk.

In this final installment of our three-part webinar series, we will explore examples of how user’s guiding IT decisions leads to added security risks, and how to avoid them as well as the impact of bring your app platforms vs. consolidation and control by IT. We will explore IT’s role in the Cloud examining different scenarios through real world examples and customer stories, finishing on a look towards the new way of working to appeal to and retain the millennial generation.