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Improving Access to Care using Intelligent Communication

This session looked at how the communications and collaboration technologies within Office 365 can power the digital transformation programs within the NHS. We shared some of the challenges and experiences of our customers across Primary and Secondary Care, as well as mental health, and showed how they are using Office 365, and in particular Skype for Business, to deliver better access to care.

Guest speaker:

We were joined by Martin Hutchinson who is leading the Skype for Business global digital exemplar program for Berkshire NHS. Martin shared his experiences of Skype for Business which the trust has used for a few years, and how they are working with Modality Systems to deliver Virtual Consultations in a secure, easy to use way for both the clinicians and service users.


Microsoft Teams | the future of collaboration in Office 365?

Microsoft Teams is the latest addition to join the collaboration suite within Office 365. A chat based workspace, Microsoft Teams is the ideal hub for all team collaborations.

In this webinar, Tom Arbuthnot, Modality Systems Principal Solutions Architect will give his views to the following hot topics:

  • Is Microsoft Teams the future of the “Modern Workplace”?
  • How does it work alongside Office 365 and Skype for Business?
  • How can your business make the most of Microsoft Teams?

Key takeaways:

  • Understand what Microsoft Teams is and how it works
  • Hear real world examples of how Microsoft Teams is being used by customers
  • Understand how Microsoft Teams fits within the Office 365 story
  • Understand how you can start using Microsoft Teams today

Optimise your Skype for Business Journey - London, UK

The session is designed to be educational and insightful as well as interactive. Modality Systems, Polycom and PGi will share their knowledge and expertise in the form of best practice advice and practical insights into some of their work and customer experiences.

What you will hear on the day:

  • Skype for Business - achieving value and building a roadmap for the future.
  • An understanding of deployment options and considerations for moving telephony to the cloud.
  • Driving consumption and managing the health of your UC environment.
  • Interoperability with conferencing, video and other collaboration services for a consistent user experience.
  • Rethinking collaboration with immersive solutions from Polycom.
  • Extending the value with software, development solutions and concepts from Modality Systems.

Webinar: Unifying the user experience - complexity simplified

As the positioning of technology becomes more that of facilitator to change, so increases the acceptance that those using the technology are key to recognising the full value to the business.

As part of our ongoing look at the key factors of maximising adoption and tackling cultural change, in this webinar we will focus on the importance of the user experience when it comes to the interaction with the technology. Despite all the talk of Unified Communications over the past 10+ years, the reality for most organisations is that they are still very reliant on a mix of cloud and on premise communications and collaboration services within their daily operations.

So how do you ensure you give your users a more unified experience to keep them with you on the journey change?

In this webinar, special emphasis will be given to our CustomInvite application that can be used to positively affect the user experience through the integration of the various communication modalities such as audio conferencing, video and room systems. Real life examples will be used to demonstrate how some of our clients have approached and benefitted from a unified user experience.


Is your network & environment ready for Skype for Business?

As more organisations look to reap the productivity and cost benefits of migrating from traditional voice PBX platforms to Skype for Business Cloud PBX, one of the most important success factors is the readiness of the network infrastructure (such as LAN, WAN, Firewalls and Wireless) to support real-time media traffic. Indeed, underestimating the requirements can have a severely detrimental effect on the experience for users in the form of poor call quality, dropped calls or even downtime. This is why the Microsoft Skype Operations Framework has such an emphasis on network assessments and network readiness.

This webinar is aimed at those who are considering migrating communications to Skype for Business and those who may have already started or made the transition but are experiencing issues. We will take a practical look at they key aspects to assess within your environment, the impact they have and give an insight into the requirements for a solid and reliable environment to support real-time media, backed by real life examples.